EJBWizard Release 3.5.2 (Beta)

EJBWizard Version 3.5.2 BETA RELEASE

Released 2002-04-22

Version 3.5 reorganizes the way code is generated. Formerly, each app server had to have a complete set of templates, and, since most of the code for an Enterprise JavaBean is appserver-independent, this meant that updates had to be done in triplicate = something I'm not very good at, alas.

This all changes as of release 3.5. Now there's a master template library which can be overlaid by appserver- and project- specific libraries as needed. This will make it much easier to provide the upcoming Struts project generator library. It also should mean less trouble for JBoss users.

On a related topic, the EJBWizard now allows a standard way to define datasources in order to pull in database table definitions as an aid in generating Entity EJBs.

A "HOWTO" guide is new as well - you can view it online here.

Because of serious defects in Version 3.5.0, it has been recalled and replaced with Version 3.5.2. Version 3.5.1 was an intermediate version not publicly released.

Last modified: Wed Sep 25 00:14:00 EDT 2002