Null database

Although the EJBWizard is supposed to work without a database connection, it seems that the Version 3.2.3 release doesn't know that, You're having this problem if the EJBWizard dies with the following information:

java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.Hashtable.put( at org.objectweb.jonas.ejbwizard.EJBWizardSymbols.put( at org.objectweb.jonas.ejbwizard.ApplicationOptions.loadProperties( at org.objectweb.jonas.ejbwizard.ApplicationOptions.( at org.objectweb.jonas.ejbwizard.EJBWizard.( at org.objectweb.jonas.ejbwizard.EJBWizard.main(

To get around this, you must define at least a minimal database environment to the EJBWizard (it doesn't actually have to connect to a database, just as long as it thinks it can).

To solve this problem, you need a database environment definition. If you don't have a "live" one, download this one:

  1. Unzip the nulljonas zip file (it can go anywhere)
  2. Set the environment variable JONAS_ROOT (or if you're using the JBOSS config, JBOSS_ROOT) to point to the JONAS directory in the unzipped JBoss users may have to copy the files in the "config" subdirectory up into the main "JONAS" directory. You don't have to rename the JONAS directory even though you're using JBoss!
  3. Start the EJBWizard

I think this will get you going. You should be aware that the "Table" button on the Data tab will bring up references to databases you don't have. The file in nulljonas links to database properties files (also included). You can create or customize your own database property file using the samples in order to connect to your databases.

Last modified: Fri Aug 3 11:53:43 EDT 2001