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What's new for EJBWizard Version 3?

I've gotten a lot of feedback since the EJBWizard first came out. I've tried to incorporate as many of the suggestions as I could to make this an easier tool to work with. It's impossible to please everyone, but I hope that this new version will be a great improvement.

Here are some of the high points:

AppServer independence

EJBWizard isn't just for JOnAS any more! I'd been using it with the BEA WebLogic server for some time, but now there are hooks in the system that make it easy to support multiple appserver platforms.

Multi-part keys

Now you can create Entity beans with keys built from more than one field!

User Preferences

The EJBWizard has been enhanced to permit custom properties on both a per-machine and a per-user basis.

Consistent User Interface

In response to complaints that the EJBWizard was confusing because each type of EJB method (create, finder, and business) had different editing controls, a general nethod editing dialog has been provided.

More database options

You can now indicate that database fields be "wrapped" with Java classes automatically.

Support for Ant

Ant is now the build tool of choice for EJBWizard-generated EJBs. You will find that it's much easier to manage EJB source and class code in a production environment compared to the makefiles, which assume that you are keeping everything in the JOnAS system directories.

For more information on Ant and to get a copy of the Ant distribution see The Jakarta Ant Project.

And more!

More features, more bugs, room to grow.


Known Bugs

While all the possible permutations haven't been tested, the Version 3.1 and later builds are now quite solid.

Current release - 3.2.3 (PRODUCTION)

HTTP: EJBWizard_3.2.3-prod-bin.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard_3.2.3-prod-bin.tgz

Source code:

HTTP: EJBWizard-3.2.3-prod-src.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard-3.2.3-prod-src.tgz

Previous release - 3.1.6

HTTP: EJBWizard_3.1.6-beta-bin.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard_3.1.6-beta-bin.tgz

Source code:

HTTP: EJBWizard-3.1.6-beta-src.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard-3.1.6-beta-src.tgz

Previous release - 3.1.5

This release is identical to 3.1.4 except that it allows for JOnAS Version 2.3 having relocated configuration files. It can be used with JOnAS Versions 2.2.x and 2.3.

HTTP: EJBWizard_3.1.5-beta-bin.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard_3.1.5-beta-bin.tgz

Source code:

HTTP: EJBWizard-3.1.5-beta-src.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard-3.1.5-beta-src.tgz

Previous release - 3.1.4

This release fixes a bug in V3.1.2 that caused an exception to be thrown when generating the detail JSP for beans that had not been saved and reloaded.

HTTP: EJBWizard_3.1.4-beta-bin.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard_3.1.4-beta-bin.tgz

Source code:

HTTP: EJBWizard-3.1.4-beta-src.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard-3.1.4-beta-src.tgz

Previous release - 3.1.2

This release fixes problems generating EJBs with business methods and has various enhancements to generated JavaServer Pages.

HTTP: EJBWizard_3.1.2-beta-bin.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard_3.1.2-beta-bin.tgz

Source code:

HTTP: EJBWizard-3.1.2-beta-src.tgz

FTP: EJBWizard-3.1.2-beta-src.tgz